Cast Announcement

We are pleased to announce the cast for Smoke on the Mountain. Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Please email Deanie Simmons at to accept or decline your role. Rehearsals will begin on August 7th at 7:00 pm in the James Fitzpatrick Auditorium at Kernersville Elementary School (where you auditioned) with a full read-through. A more detailed rehearsal schedule will be provided at that time. We will reach out to you to make arrangements for you to pick up a script once you have accepted your role.

Mervin Oglethorpe – Danny Scruggs
June Sanders – Jennifer Graves
Burl Sanders – David Kolb
Vera Sanders – Marilyn Gaylord
Stanley Sanders – Gary Murray, Sr.
Denise Sanders – Taylor Germaine
Dennis Sanders – Ben Bowman
Amen Corner РMarge Clark, Dedrica Templeton, Christy Gantt