Cast Announcement

The following women have been cast for 1776:

Andrew McNair — Karen Hincher
Abigail Adams — Lauralee Davis Bailey
John Dickinson — Marie Denig
Courier/Painter — Grace DiMaio
Caesar Rodney — Maureen Fiorentino
Dr. Lyman Hall — Christy Gantt
Col. Thomas McKean — Kelly Hayden
George Read — Caroline Holland
Roger Sherman — Chris Hughes
John Hancock — Maxine Isaacs
Courier/Painter — Paiten Iselin
Samuel Chase — Beth James
Leather Apron — Sierra Jay
Lewis Morris — Sarah Kepins
James Wilson — Kelly Kerr
Rev. Jonathan Witherspoon — Jan Kotula
Thomas Jefferson — Natalie Lawrence
Benjamin Franklin — April Marshall
Martha Jefferson — Stephanie Marson
Edward Rutledge — Jessica Perry
Stephen Hopkins — Sharon Pierce
Robert Livingston — Jenni Pirkey
Dr. Josiah Bartlett — Anne Proctor
Joseph Hewes — Debbie Shoffner
Richard Henry Lee — Beth Strader
Charles Thomson — Michele Swanson
John Adams — Steffanie Vaughan

We thank all the talented women who auditioned for 1776. We are very excited to be presenting this classic musical with this all-female cast.