Cast Announcement

Thanks to everyone who came out to audition for Shrek the Musical! As always, with a good turnout, it is not possible to cast everyone – but we thank you for your time and hope you will return for another audition process in the future.

Shrek: Guy Dorsinville
Princess Fiona: Ashley Pearson
Donkey: Jerry Byers
Lord Farquaad: John Michael Sloan
Dragon Trio/Pigs Trio/ Women’s Trio/Three Blind Mice: Marilyn Gaylord, Rosie Manla, Jessica Perry
Teen Fiona/Humpty Dumpty: Ava Belle Jones
Child Fiona/Baby Bear: Natalie McCarthy
Pinocchio: Mariah Morales
Papa Ogre/Papa Bear/Pied Piper: Braxton Allen
Mama Ogre/Gingy/Blue Bird/ Offstage vocals: Charity Hampton
Young Shrek/Dwarf: Kiera Call
King Harold/Knight/Guard: Brian Albrecht
Queen Lillian/Duloc Performer/Pied Piper Rat: Rachel Schroeder
Wicked Witch: Judy Thompson
Sugar Plum Fairy: Sammy Campbell
White Rabbit/ Duloc Performer/ Pied Piper Rat: Grace Hampton
Elf/Duloc Performer/ Pied Piper Rat: Heather Hadjoglou
Ugly Duckling: Rebecca Stanifer
Mad Hatter: Janea Platt
Big Bad Wolf: Dakarai Ince
Greeter/Duloc Performer/ Pied Piper Rat: Sarah Simpkins
Peter Pan: Brandon Schroeder
Fairy Godmother: Dedrica McRae-Templeton
Bishop/Knight/Guard: John Foltz
Mama Bear/Duloc Performer/ Pied Piper Rat: Sakile Ince
Thelonius/Knight/Guard: Isaac Hampton
Captain/Knight/Guard: Archie Collins
Duloc Performer/ Pied Piper Rat: Morgan Borden, Fiona Cahoon, Caitlin Holland, Brooke Simmons, Ava Stripling