Announcing Our 2017 – 2018 Season

September 2017

We will kick off our 41st season in September 2017 with Smoke on the Mountain by asking you to relax and step back into North Carolina in 1938. Join the Sanders family as they venture to Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church at the request of Pastor Oglethorpe, who wishes to bring his tiny congregation into the “modern world.” Though the Sanders family tries to appear perfect in the eyes of the church, things don’t go as planned and they reveal their hilariously imperfect natures. Loaded with gospel favorites like “I’ll Fly Away” and “Rock of Ages” join KLT as we enjoy a change of pace in the musical Smoke on the Mountain.

Smoke on the Mountain 4-2017

November 2017

Next in our line up for November 2017, KLT will travel to the land of Mad Hatters, Evil Queens, and rabbits that have very important engagements in Alice in Wonderland . Encompassing the storyline from both Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass this faithful adaptation will be our 4th Annual Bring A Book to Life production, allowing our audiences to experience a change of scenery with Alice in Wonderland. 

Alice in Wonderland Logo 4-2017

March 2018

Our season continues in March 2018, when we visit the small town of Second Samuel. Change isn’t something the residents of the tight-knit community Second Samuel openly embrace. In fact, it’s one of those places where everything is as it’s always been, and that’s just fine with everyone. But after the summer of Miss Gertrude’s death, sometime in the late 1940s, nothing will be the same again in their small town. A touching story of acceptance and community, experience a change of heart with the residents of Second Samuel.

Second Samuel 4-2017

June 2018

We close our season in June 2018 with 1776 The Musical! It is a long hot summer in Philadelphia, and the Continental Congress is an exhausted, annoyed, quarrelsome collection of men at each other’s throats over the burning question of independence from Great Britain. This is a musical that brings humor and humanity to American history and well, since it’s a show which is not widely produced due to the large amounts of men needed to cast—we decided its 2018, and we’re going to let the ladies tell it! Join us for a change of tune with an all-female cast of 1776 The Musical.

1776 The Musical Logo 4-2017

Gala & Awards Ceremony

Gala and Awards Ceremony

Join Kernersville Little Theatre at its Gala & Awards Ceremony on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at Kernersville Moravian Church, located at 504 South Main Street in Kernersville.  Come for food, fun and entertainment!

Covered Dish Meal at 5:30 p.m.

Business Meeting at 6:45 p.m.

Awards Ceremony at 7:00 p.m.

All audience members, actors and volunteers are welcome!

Behind The Curtain

Rachel Schroeder


Rachel’s first “major” role was as a 3rd grader in a church musical called “We Like Sheep”. She was one of the main sheep and had a lot of lines for someone that age. “I   think as a creative person, once you get that taste of something that fulfills that creative desire, you cannot get enough” jokes Rachel. Many roles after that were         church roles, and her parents and grandparents would also take her to the local stage  in town. Some of the earliest shows that she saw were “The Velveteen Rabbit” and “Little Shop of Horrors”         Sheep edit

Rachel continued her theatre hobby into high school. Her favorite high school roles were Frenchy in “Grease” and Kathy in “Vanities”

purple edited

Rachel took a different path in college and graduated with a degree from Appalachian State in International Studies. Her college career was filled with international travel and civic organizations, and she found there that she had a love for service and leadership in many capacities. “I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do after I finished school” says Rachel. She also met her husband Christian there, and he needed an internship in the hospitality industry so they decided to move to Myrtle Beach to start their careers.     gwtw edited

For over 10 years Rachel had little to no theatre in her life, and missed it terribly. Myrtle Beach was not a place that had this. Myrtle Beach had the professional theatres like Dixie Stampede and the Alabama Theatre more geared to the tourists, but not anything for the local community. When their careers led them back to North Carolina in 2010, Christian and Rachel were happy to be back close to friends and family. “Imagine my sensory overload when I figured out how many theatre options we had here in the area!”

Rachel’s first experience with KLT was an audition notice for the Musical Adventures of Tom Saywer. “I had not done an audition in so long, and I can remember nervously sitting and waiting to be called, thinking, if I leave now, no one will even know I was here!” Fortunately, she stuck it out and got the role of Aunt Polly. She can still remember how nice Judith Gillis and Danny Scruggs, 2 KLT regulars were during the audition process. She had a wonderful time during Tom Sawyer, with all of the people onstage and off and wanted to get more involved.

TS edited

Rachel initially got more involved by chairing KLT’s play reading committee and a couple years later, she was asked to serve on the board. “I was excited because this role would combine my passion for theatre and my love of community service perfectly.” Rachel credits her family for all of their support of her passion. “ I could not do this without my family, and I try to thank them at every chance I get”. Now serving as board President, Rachel enjoys the friendships and sense of community that Kernersville Little Theatre provides, and looks forward to many more years of fun with the organization.

Behind The Curtain


Kernersville Little Theatre recently held their annual meeting and awards program at the Kernersville Moravian Church.  This event brings together those who enjoy food, fun, and being part of the KLT family. The awards program celebrates achievements for acting, technical/production and volunteer work for the 2013-2014 Season.




Following a covered-dish dinner and KLT’s annual business meeting, hosts Barrie Howard and Judith Gillis opened the awards ceremony.  Emerson Belk served as Trophy Master.  Musical entertainment was provided by Marie Denig, who performed songs from two of KLT’s upcoming productions;  My Way, A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra and The Pajama Game.

Following are the awards presented for the 2013-14 Season:



2013-14 Season Acting and Tech Awards

Leading Actor                      Barrie Howard                        The Last Romance

Leading Actress                   Steffanie Vaughan                Brigadoon

Major Actor                           Kenny Gaylord                     Brigadoon

Major Actress                       Marilyn Gaylord                  Brigadoon

Supporting Actor                Mark Graves                          Brigadoon

Supporting Actress            Judith Gillis                            Cheaper by the Dozen

Character Actor                  John Michael Sloan             Brigadoon

Character Actress               Rachael Schroeder              Brigadoon

Light Design                          Charlie Kroksh                       Brigadoon

Sound Design                        Charlie Kroksh                       Brigadoon

Costume Design                   Sylvia Tyndall                        Brigadoon

Set Design/Dressing           Jan Burwick                            Brigadoon

Tim Moore                             Brigadoon

Overall Production                                                                 Brigadoon


2013-14 Season Volunteer Awards

Outstanding Volunteer:              Amanda Coltrane, Vi Doyon, Brittany Marshall, Joy Smallwood

Blue Ribbon (50+ hrs.):              Loretta Averna, Marilyn Bledsoe, Ashley Collins, Cathy Reynolds, Bob Spontak, Sylvia Tyndall, Sherri Wolter

Worker Bee (25-49 hrs.):            Brad Burwick, Gray Cassell, Elaine Clark, Barbara King, Tim Kubiak, April Marshall, April Meehan, Mary Singer, Denise Smith, Joyce Spontak, Steve Wolter

Life Saver:                                          Denice Smith

Rookie of the Year:                        Gray Cassell, Eddie Spontak

Family of the Year:                        The Bennett and Ross Family

Outstanding Service Award:      Leslye Thornton

Photography by Gray Cassell

Meet Carlo St. James

Meet Carlo St. James

Carlo1Carlo St. James says he never had an “a-ha” moment when he knew he wanted to act and sing. “Growing up, I acted and sang in school and church,” says Carlo. “It was always second nature. I thought all kids did it.”

Carlo had his first role on stage at the tender age of six. “I played a red bird and was so embarrassed because I had to wear red pantyhose,” he laughingly admits. Carlo also began singing in the church choir. He continued singing and acting throughout junior high and high school. He appeared on a local TV show KidTalk and was part of two choirs.

Upon graduation, Carlo entered UNCG to study fashion marketing. “I stuck myself with so many pins and needles I felt like a voodoo doll,” he jokes. He knew his true passion was to be performing. In 2006 Carlo moved to Washington, DC where he focused on jazz music. “I still dabbled in theatre a bit, but wasn’t doing several productions a year,” he says.

Carlo2In 2008, Carlo lost his best friend and number one fan, his beloved Grandmother. “She always asked me what was going on with my music, acting and other endeavors.” He moved back to Greensboro and took a three year break from performing. Says Carlo, “It was a difficult time for me. I did a lot of soul searching and finally realized it was time to take the stage again.”

Carlo3Carlo began researching local theatres and came across Kernersville Little Theatre’s audition notice for Kilroy Was Here. He chose one of his favorite ballads, “Hey There” from Pajama Game for his audition and was cast in the role of a sailor. Carlo says he met many great people during this production and some are now his close friends. He played the role of George in KLT’s production of Drinking Habits for which he received a supporting actor nomination with KLT’s annual acting awards. “It’s sort of like KLT helped bring the actor in me back to life again,” he says. “Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging.”

In September 2013, Carlo was elected to the Kernersville Little Theatre Board of Directors. “Carlo is generous in giving his time to KLT both on and off the stage,” says KLT Board President Rachel Schroeder. “His insight as an actor will be a great asset to us as we work to engage those in the theatre community.”

Be sure to look for Carlo on stage around the Triad. He’s an actor, singer, and a talented member of the KLT family.

Behind the Curtain

Meet Jan Burwick

JanBuildingborderOn her first volunteer project with Kernersville Little Theatre (KLT), Jan Burwick thought it would be her last. “We were working on a set at Körner’s Folly and I spilled paint on the stage. I thought for sure I would not be asked back,” jokes Jan. Quite the opposite happened.

Instead, Jan was welcomed back and has become a celebrated volunteer for KLT. She received the Rookie of the Year and Rock Star awards in 1993 (the year she spilled the paint and painted rocks for every show!). “I have always loved art and enjoy painting. Helping paint the sets was a great creative outlet for me,” says Jan, who has a small business painting pet portraits in watercolor.

Jan expanded her volunteer activities to include set design/dressing. She has been recognized by KLT for her contribution in this category seven times and was twice named the Doug Weeks Techie of the Year. “I never thought I would get this involved. But everyone was so nice and I just kept on,” Jan says.

To make it a family affair, Jan recruited her husband of 36 years, Brad, to get involved with the theatre group. And while Jan prefers to work behind the scene, Brad has performed on stage many times with KLT and from 2005 to 2007, he served as Board President. Their beloved pet dog Bailey has taken the stage in several local productions of Annie.Bailey wborder

After retiring in 2009, Jan started coordinating volunteer activities. In 2010, she was elected to the Board of Directors of KLT and serves as VP of Volunteer Relations. As a member of a volunteer-driven organization, Jan plays a critical role in ensuring the show goes on. “We have so many areas that people can become involved with, both on and off the stage. It take a lot to produce a play,” states Jan.

When asked if she has a volunteer “horror story” to share, Jan scratches her head a bit.
“We did have a volunteer’s flashlight go out while assisting with parking one night. He was almost run over. “We now have a plan in place to avoid that situation from happening again,” Jan says with a chuckle.

Jan says one of the biggest challenges in her role is to ensure people don’t get burned out. “We want our volunteers to have a rewarding experience and feel appreciated. But it’s important to always bring new people in each season.” says Jan.

“We have a lot of fun. That’s why at KLT, we like to ask people to “come play with us,” smiles Jan. JanTableborder

To learn more about getting involved with KLT, visit our Volunteer page from the navigation above.