Headin’ for the Hills



Fitzpatrick Auditorium
Kernersville Elementary School
512 West Mountain Street
Kernersville, NC 27284

Written by Le Roma Greth

Our cast:

Cornelia Heister – Brittany Blalock
Dorthea Heister – Lydia Fink
Cyrus Goolus – Lee Huggins
Hank Goolus – Zac Hiatt
Aunt Sukey – Kim McDonald
Bette Belle Goolus – Hosanna Gurley
Skeets Goolus – Brinley Lowe
“Happy Goolus” – Tori Seals
Slim Hawkenshaw – Joshua Miles
Horseface Dilly – Kenny Gaylord
Jake Slasser – Ken Colditz
Widow Squiggins – Lee Ann Chrisco
Speck Squiggins – Ian Buff
Squiggins/1st Boy – Blaise Gourley
Squiggins/1st Girl – Katarina Pegram
Squiggins/2nd Boy – Hampton Helsabeck
Squiggins/2nd Girl – Samantha Halstead
Emmy Jean – Esperanza Peral
Zeke – Caleb Doyon
Zeke’s Maw – Vi Doyon
Miss Oggie – Trish Forbes
Miss Winslow – Hannah Gummere
Extra Children – Haley Miller, Kate Halstead


February 25 – March 6, 2011

About the show:

Cornelia Wellington Heister and her sister, Dorthea, are wealthy orphans whose only living relatives are a hillbilly family who run a general store in Lone Mule, Tennessee. Their father’s will insists that the girls spend their summers in Lone Mule with their Uncle Cyrus Goolus or forfeit their share of the fortune. Cornelia in particular hates the arrangement, and Uncle Cyrus is a miser who sees a chance to make himself some money. He decides to make life miserable for the girls so they’ll run away — and he will inherit the entire fortune himself. In an avalanche of fun and laughter, he shows the girls the absolute worst of hillbilly living. They don’t discourage easily, however, and Cornelia even finds herself the object of adoration of Slim Hawkenshaw and begins to realize that perhaps mountaineers are human beings after all. Luckily, Cornelia finds out about her Uncle’s scam and decides two can play at that game! She and Dot pretend to go all out for the hillbilly life and even show Uncle Cyrus a thing or two.

About our director:

Dan Seaman has directed numerous plays in the Triad since 1974. He was Director of Theatre at the Weaver Education Center, Greensboro, having started there in 1978 and retiring in 2004. He is currently an Adjunct Instructor at Greensboro College.