Kilroy Was Here!


Fitzpatrick Auditorium
Kernersville Elementary School
512 West Mountain Street
Kernersville, NC 27284

Written by Tim Kelly. Music & lyrics by Bill Francouer.

Our cast:

(In Order of Speaking)

Ruth Taylor – Marie Denig
Angie Wilberforce – Jean Wentz
Edith – Kathy Cox
Hazel Merrill – Lydia Fink
Judy Howard – Brittany Blalock
Eve Denton – Annanoa Kaufmann
Hermione – April Marshall
Gladys Brooks – Marilyn Bledsoe
Valerie Foster – Jennifer Raiford
Melba Nesbitt – Rachel Schroeder
Jack Smith – Jack Holbrook
Fred O’Dwyer – Carlo James
Joe Kilroy – Stephen Rayfield
Kitty Evans – Mindy Hudson
Mr. Wilcox – Danny Scruggs
Elliott Martin – Brandon DeLapp
Horace Lopez – Jayson Crawford
Carl Ryder – Joe Collins
Leo Pickford – Max Kennedy
Mrs. King – Kathy Anne Cissna
Prof. Milton Sullivan – Ken Keith
Military Policeman – Dustin Kennedy
June Forrest – Kathy Ledbetter
Rona Hastings – Tehya Ramey
Gretchen Randall – Rebekah Wright
Western Union Messenger – T.J. Taylor
Pamela Skipworth – Shelby Kivett
Vida Curtis – Sarah Kepins
Marion Gilford – Katrina Breitenbach
Rita Steward – Rachel Care
Elizabeth – Elizabeth Wentz
Radio Operator – Mike Whicker


June 15-17, 21-24, 2012

About the show:

This musical comedy salutes the brave men and women who served in the military and back home during World War II. Kilroy is a comedy and the setting is a U.S.O. Club (“The Serviceman’s ‘Home Away From Home'”) in Brooklyn in 1942. Ships leaving the nearby Navy yard are being sunk by enemy U-boats. Allied intelligence suspects the club is unknowingly harboring Axis spies.

Enter Private Joe Kilroy, a young soldier who draws a curious cartoon face everywhere he goes (and is this causing trouble)! He’s the only one who knows where the next Allied convoy will converge. The enemy agents are stopping at nothing to learn his secret. The action builds to an exciting finale during a wild radio broadcast. The score includes such hits as “Don’t Say No To The U.S.O.,” “Slap That Jukebox,” “Jitterbug Saturday Night,” and “Rat-a-tat-tat That Rivet,” with classic Andrews Sisters style harmony.

Our director:

Bill Raulerson

Our music director:

Marie Denig

Our choreographer:

Alison Williams